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Community FAQ

You have questions about our community?  We hope to have an answer below but if we don't, please feel free to give the Resident Services Office a call at 813.672.9423.
I have just moved into the community.  Who do I contact to get the access card needed to get into the pool and tennis court area?
Welcome home! Please come down to the Clubhouse, located next to Doby Elementary School, to obtain your access cards. For more information, please contact Cathy Sobrito at 813.672.9423.
How do Association expenses get incurred and reimbursed?
All expenses incurred on behalf of the Association, whether by a vendor or a Board member, must be accounted for with an invoice, receipt, or the like. The expense must also be approved as an expense related to Association business. At that point, the expense will be reimbursed by the Association, with the Association retaining the receipt and/or explanation of the expense.
What are the qualifications to run for office in Covington Park?
As long a member (i) holds title to a Property within the boundaries of the Association, or
(ii) is a renter with a proxy from the Owner; and does not have an outstanding debt to the Association that is more than 90 days old, they can run for office.
NOTE: A notice of violation itself does not disqualify a member from running for office. Only a fine or assessment that has been imposed will disqualify a member from running for office.
What if I am told I have a violation, but it turns out the Association made a mistake.
We do our best to run the community efficiently and effectively but at times mistakes do happen. If the Association makes a mistake in sending a violation notice, and the mistake is brought to the attention of the Association, it will notify the member of the mistake and close the enforcement file of the violation in the Association records.
What if I cure the violation within the time period provided in the notice?
The violation will be closed.
What is the process the Association goes through before it may enter upon my property and remedy a noncompliance itself?
The Association must provide thirty (30) days’ notice of the violation to a member (for example: lawn not mowed, unapproved structure placed on the Property). If the violation is not cured within thirty (30) days, the Association can hire a vendor to enter the Property and cure the violation. The cost to do so will be assessed to the member.
What is the process for the Association to fine a member for a violation of the Association’s Governing Documents?
The goal of the Association is to obtain compliance and not to impose fines on members. When it is necessary to impose a fine, the Association goes through four (4) steps:
•         • The member receives a notice that their property is not in compliance with the Governing Documents. This notice provides fourteen (14) days to cure the violation and/or an opportunity to be heard by the Violations Committee.
•         • An open hearing is held before the Violations Committee. The member can speak before the Committee to discuss why he/she feels the violation was cured, is not a violation, or why he/she needs more time to cure the violation.
NOTE: If anything of a sensitive nature needs to be considered the member can submit the sensitive subject- matter in writing and/or approach the committee table for privacy.
•         • If the Violations Committee determines that a fine should be imposed, that recommendation is made to the Board of Directors.
•         • If the Board of Directors affirms the Committee’s decision, the member is sent another letter notifying them that a fine of $50/day will be imposed beginning on a date specified in the letter.
NOTE: The fines can reach a maximum amount of $1,000 per violation, at which point the Association can place a lien on the member’s property.
How can a resident put an item for discussion on the agenda for a Board of Directors meeting?
Send an e-mail to the Board of Directors at hoa.board@covingtoncorner.com with a topic that you would like to have considered by the Board and the Board will put the topic on the agenda for the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.
What to do about the wandering Cats,dogs,chicken.,etc in our neighborhood?
Please contact Hillsborough County Animal Control at 813.744.5660.
My neighbors do not pick up after their dog.  Where do I start to get this problem looked at?
Please contact the Community Covenants Administrator for Covington Park HOA at 813.235.7568.
I would like to rent the Community Room for a party.
Who do I contact?
Please call Cathy Sobrito at 813.672.9423, or vist the Community Room Rental page here on covingtoncorner.com for more information.
There are a couple of the street lights that are out.  Who do I report that to?
TECO maintains all the street lights throughout Covington Park. To report a street light outage, please obtain the 10 digit pole number located on the pole, and visit tampaelectric.com, choose the residental tab, then products and services, streetlight outage.