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Family Movie Night at the Clocktower
"The Secret Life of Pets" Max (Louis C.K.) is a spoiled terrier who enjoys a comfortable life in a New York building until his owner adopts Duke, a giant and unruly canine. During their walk outside, they encounter a group of ferocious alley cats and wind up in a truck that's bound for the pound. Luckily, a rebellious bunny named Snowball swoops in to save the doggy duo from captivity. In exchange, Snowball demands that Max and Duke join his gang of abandoned pets on a mission against the humans who've done them wrong.

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Easter Bunny eggs Hunt
Vice President Catherine Ratcliffe will champion events this year and the first event the HOA will host is the Easter egg hunt. This event is our second largest event of the year that requires 20,000 plastic eggs to be stuffed.

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Walking Women
Get some exercise the easy way.  Put on a pair of sneakers and meet us at the club house any morning you can make it.

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Surrey Park Residents Group
News, information and updates for Surrey Park residents. Join the group to add your name to our Surrey Park email list.

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Neighborhood Watch

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Workout Buddy
This group offers Covington Park residents a chance to meet other residents who want to stay in shape, or are looking to get into better shape that need motivation or a workout buddy.

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